Custom lifeboat products

Custom lifeboat products


Euro Offshore distributes lifesaving equipment for the professional and leisure market. Depending on the size and type of the ship, different types of lifeboat products are desirable. A free-fall lifeboat is totally enclosed and often positioned at the stern of the ship. In case of an emergency the lifeboat is released and dives into the water. Because of the impact on the water, the free-fall lifeboat needs to be a lot stronger than normal lifeboat products. A partly enclosed lifeboat is lowered to the water level by a davit system. Because the lifeboat is not totally enclosed, it is better accessible in case of an emergency and the total weight is lower than that of a totally enclosed lifeboat.

At Euro Offshore we distribute the following lifeboat products:

  • Freefall life boat (read more): Because tanker ships need a fireproof lifeboat, 2 types of free-fall lifeboats are produced; the tanker version and the cargo version. The tanker version has a water-spray system and enough oxygen on board for the maximum number of people on the lifeboat. Euro Offshore also distributes davit- and freefall systems for all the lifeboats.
  • Totally enclosed life boat (read more): The tanker version has a maximum capacity of 150 persons and the cargo version has a maximum capacity of 130, making these the largest lifeboat products available at Euro Offshore. The tanker version is protected against fire, by a water-spray and air supply system.
  • Partially enclosed life boat (read more): Because these lifeboat products are only partially enclosed, they are lighter and better accessible in case of an emergency. To lower the partially enclosed lifeboat a davit system is needed.


All lifeboat products at Euro Offshore are made of fireproof fibreglass reinforced polyester (GRP). To ensure maximum strength and buoyancy, all lifeboat products are injected with foam. The walking surfaces on the in- and outside are made of anti-skid and on the port- and starboard side a synthetic rubber fender is mounted. All lifeboat products are delivered with the necessary accessories, a steel boat cradle and a complete set of rescue equipment. The lifeboat products of Euro Offshore all comply with the LSA code and the latest SOLAS requirements.

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