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Euro Offshore designs, produces and distributes lifesaving equipment for the professional offshore market. With over 15 years of experience, Euro Offshore has rightfully earned his place in the top of the market and our skilled personnel take pride in the products they produce. The core business of Euro Offshore is the distribution of rescue boat and lifeboat products, but with several daughter companies like Euro Offshore Services, Alunautic and Blue Spirit, we produce almost all offshore products for the leisure and professional market.

The International Convention for the Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) first adopted in 1914, specifies the minimum standards of constructions, equipments and operations of all merchant ships, compatible with their safety. This means that all ships need to have enough lifeboats for all men at that ship. The development of lifesaving equipment has seen an enormous growth since then. Euro Offshore provides a wide range of lifeboat, (fast) rescue boat, davit and freefall system products.

Euro Offshore is an authorized service station of J. Xinjiang and Wolong (fast rescue boats, rescue boats and lifeboat) and Zhenjiang Marine Auxiliary Machinery Works (davit systems) and is responsible for the annual survey of all marine lifesaving products. The main activities of these surveys consist of repairs and maintenance. Euro Offshore Services specializes in repairs and service for a wide range of offshore products for both the professional and leisure market.

Big vessels, like cargo ships and tankers, require bigger lifeboat products. Euro Offshore also distributes lifeboat products that can be dropped into the water in case of an emergency and lifeboat products which are lowered into the water using a davit system.

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